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Sniper Games
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12 Days

Play as a hired killer and shoot using your sniper rifle....

(Played: 24,801 times)

2112 Coop 4 Chapter

Play 2112 Coop 4 Game the fourth in the 2112 coop shooting series a...

(Played: 27,664 times)

3D Hunting Zombies

Use mouse to aim SPACE to shoot and kill all the zombies....

(Played: 64,275 times)

3D Swat

You must be a very fast shooter at 3D Swat. Destroy all of the targ...

(Played: 3,924 times)

Agent Sniper

Complete all the missions and be a perfect agent....

(Played: 44,667 times)

Altaman Gunner

Kill the aliens before they see you. You will hide with A key and s...

(Played: 4,333 times)

Army Sniper

Army sniper has a very difficult mission. He must shoot all enemy s...

(Played: 49,608 times)

Assassin Jane Doe

Assassin Jane Doe is the best sniper ever. Complete the missioins w...

(Played: 5,445 times)

Battle Shield

Can you defend your battle and be shield. You have enemies coming o...

(Played: 12,946 times)

Blazing Assassin

You will shoot and try to hit moving targets at Blazing Assassin tr...

(Played: 2,192 times)

Bloody Day

Shoot the white silhouettes that pass by. Gun them down with 3 diff...

(Played: 21,389 times)


Master sniper's bullets always finds the target. Use mouse to aim a...

(Played: 23,502 times)

Cigarette Killer

Kill all the cigarettes. As you know smoking damages health. So its...

(Played: 15,563 times)

City Sniper

City sniper must kill all the cops and soldiers. Be careful and don...

(Played: 9,892 times)

Clear Vision 2 Game

Accomplish various sniping missions.

Between missio...

(Played: 34,004 times)

Clear Warehouse

Shoot the Imps from Doom as the game gets harder and harder. Tracks...

(Played: 28,457 times)

Complete Missions

This exciting shooter game features four interactive missions with ...

(Played: 136,631 times)

Critic Sea Assault

Shoot the enemy Helicopters and Submarines to protect your ship bei...

(Played: 18,292 times)

Cyber UF2

Cyber uf2 is the ultimate shooter! Select the player and choose the...

(Played: 21,269 times)

Difficult Mission

You work for an organisation. Complete the missions and show yourse...

(Played: 34,502 times)

Difficult Mission 2

Professional sniper returns for a mission as he continues to seek r...

(Played: 85,537 times)

Elite Sniper

Elite Sniper must complete all the missions. Aim and shoot with mou...

(Played: 2,753 times)

Escape Prisoners

Prisoners trying to escape from prison. Kill them all. Let's look a...

(Played: 32,890 times)

FBI Sharp Shooter

FBI sharp shooter must kill all the enemies. Use mouse for aim and ...

(Played: 10,128 times)

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